Pop Art transformations have been a hobby of mine for several years and being an Artist myself, who studied in college the concepts of graphic design & silkscreening by such pop artists as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and David Hockney - I decided to try my hand at a style I call -- photographic virtual silkscreening.
What begins as a high quality photograph taken by myself or provided by request, is put through several graphics rendering steps, fine color dropping & tuning, and finally some serious decision making.  The result: A Virtual Silkscreen!
These colorful 16" x  16" prints (4 inches taller and longer than a vinyl record album sleeve) are suitable for matting and framing, professionally printed on high-grade paper, and signed & numbered in editions of 250.  It is highly recommended they be matted with a pure white acid-free board with 3 inch borders, corner mounted on foam-core board, and protected by a thin black aluminum frame.  This makes a finished 22" x  22" framed work of art.
I invite you to take a look at the collections on this website and contact me regarding any comments and/or questions.  Enjoy!